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Birthdate:May 19
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about me

 ❤  My name is Gaëlle and I'm 32 years old. I teach English (as a foreign language) to French high-schoolers.

 ❤ I'm quite geeky, I love books, movies and tv shows. I'm easy-going, a daydreamer, generally optimistic and sometimes shy but I have, over time, gained a go-getting attitude.

 ❤ I love spending time with my family and friends, photography, making icons, learning new things, travelling, enjoying nature, eating good food, drinking tea, tranquility, spring, knitting, crocheting, nail polish, and much more.

 ☆ My journal is friends-locked. If you want to add me, go ahead; I accept everyone but make sure you comment on my FO post or I might not notice.

 ☆ I can only fully understand French or English. I'm sorry, but I won't add you back if you only post in a language I don't speak.

 ♛ Mini-icons by Famfamfam, Pinvoke and Feed Icons. Others were randomly found.

 ♛ Layout is Smooth Sailing, stylesheet and theme layer are mine. My mood theme and profile layout both come from my graphics journal.
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